Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is Life Fair?

Many people including me must have the impression or rather perception that life is unfair owning to the diverse people we see in our everyday lives. Some are very rich, others are very poor; some are fit and healthy, others are unfortunate…. and the comparisons run the gamut of mind-bogging comparisons.

If there are things that are fair in this world, it must be that all man on planet earth each has the same number of hours each day: 24 hours, no more or less and that all man, no matter, how established and successful they are, will fade away with time, though people will argue that even in death, life is unfair: some live to a ripe old age while others may not live very long.

I find that time though is a standard dimensional unit and every man is given the same 24 hours each day, when we enjoy ourselves or are busy, time passes very fast and when we do not enjoy what we are doing, time seems to be crawling.

Sleeping occupies almost third of a person’s life, thus if a person has lived 90 years of age, in practical, he is living only 60 years of age. Since man spends a significant amount of time sleeping, can one then shortens the time spent on sleeping so that one can spend more hours living on this earth doing more productive things? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Sleep is a biological activity and all animals, including man must sleep to live. Sleep deprivation and lack of sleep will be injurious to health and ultimately sends one to the grave faster than if he were not to sleep.

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