Monday, June 09, 2008

Public Bus

Our public transport system has always drawn brickbats from critics and Singaporeans in general.

Though I do certainly agree that the current public transport can be further tweaked, overall, I gave the thumb up for the current system.

Take for example our SBS buses, now they come equipped with air-cons (which get super cold in the early mornings), excellent designs and the ‘mobile TVs’ though the latter can be rather disturbing at times. More and more of the buses are designed to be ‘disable-friendly’ too.

The attitudes of passengers can be improved; the main grouse I have is the seemingly inability of passengers to move into the interior of the bus, to make way for passengers boarding at the subsequent stops. Too often, I feel a sense of pity and injustice that passengers could not board on the bus and be late for work as a result of passengers in the bus not moving in to the back.

At times, I count myself fortunate to be able to land a coveted seat, especially in this period of school holidays. And it is really a luxury to be able to catch some good nap in the bus. Our buses can be very comfortable at times too and once I was even wakened by the bus captain himself for sleeping till the bus reaches the bus stop!

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