Sunday, June 29, 2008

No broadcast of Eurocups on National TV

I feel sad that Mediacorp, the leading local television channel in Singapore is not screening the live telecast of the final of Eurocups.

Mediacorp, in my opinion, is silent on the needs: the fact that many of its viewers do really crave, wish, aspire, want to watch the Eurocups final live on one of its many Channels, such as Channel 5. I believe viewers do not mind if Mediacorp does not broadcast all the pre-semi final matches of the Eurocups; and when Mediacorp still does not broadcast the semi-finals of the Euro-cups, viewers still try to forgive, thinking that Mediacorp would at the very least and last, broadcast the grand final; but now Mediacorp is not broadcasting any live telecast of the final of the Eurocups at all!

Yes, one can say that with the proliferation of the internet, it is no big deal, one can just watch the Eurocup tournaments free on the internet. Also there are the Singapore Cable Vision, (SCV) channels that viewers can explore; but this option is limited only to those who pay and subscribe to SCV.

It is not really the issue that viewers have other options to view the Eurocups readily, it is the issue that Mediacorp, being the national media station should at least do something, at least broadcast this event; an event that comes only once every 2 years to its viewers whose a majority does not own SCV and have only Mediacorp programmes to watch.

Nothing beats watching the Eurocup finals on home television. One is the better quality of the graphic and the larger screen. Two is the luxury of watching at the comfort of sofa in the living room mostly and with the loved ones. I hear that some Singaporeans even resort to riding on the Malaysian television network illegally to watch the biennially great sporting event or to join the long throngs of crowds and mostly standing at the coffee shops in the wee hours of the night, watching the action.

Even the coverage of Eurocups during the news broadcast is unsatisfactory!

I do not really watch local TV productions on television, just some documentaries and news; the rest are just repeated and repeated broadcast of shows.I also prefer to watch Taiwan or Hong Kong dramas than local dramas as the quality of local dramas, in my opinion, is not up to an optimal quality.

Above is just my opinion, one can have different views on this topic.

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