Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SG50 Haze: what it means to Singapore

The haze has made me very sleepy. I am not impressed at the PSI which is now over 240. For those who are clearing the land in Indonesia, they do not understand that for the monies that they earn clearing the land and profiting from the products sold, thousands in Singapore are breathing in the fine dust particles and harming their health. Many of us also have to consume more drinks both at home and outside, switch on additional hours of air-conditioner and fan at home, thus incurring higher electricity charges. Who should be responsible for us having to incur higher electricity charges? Who should foot the increased bills above? Who should be responsible for endangering our health?

Economically, the haze may have affected companies dealing in outdoor activities and events. The impression of Singapore as a tourist attraction may be affected and tourists may not want to come to Singapore as often. If there are many tourists who will return to Singapore less frequency as a result of the haze, our tourism dollars will shrink, reducing Singapore's earnings.

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