Thursday, June 19, 2008


I bought 3 bottles of vitamins at one of the many branches of a popular pharmacy stores at a supposedly discounted price of $39.90, 20% lower than the original prices. I was happy with my purchase, thinking that I have a great bargain.

The next day, I happened to patronise the OG store at Bugis and noted the same set of 3 bottles of vitamins at the same price of $39.90 (with 20% discount). Same price, I thought, however one of the sales staff then attended to me, and promoted the vitamins, rattling off that the vitamins are now under discount. No big deal, I said to myself, however I was later surprised to hear that the price tag of $39.90 stated the price before the 20% discount and thus the same bottles of vitamins is now selling at $31.90! I could practically feel my heart pinch as it was a clear $8 difference and I could have saved $8 if I were to wait for just one more day!

Anyway, I have always thought that the pharmacy store selling the higher priced vitamins is always the more expensive store in Singapore as I have experienced similar episodes to the one I described in this article, and I am going to give this store a miss in future for seemingly discounted items are still pricier compared to the same offerings from other stores.

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