Thursday, June 26, 2008

Music to some is noise for others

In this age, some songs are no longer songs. It is not that uncommon today to hear the loud music emanating from the headsets of youngsters on the streets, on the buses, in the MRTs and in fact everywhere.

I often find it infuriating when the individual activities one engage in pervade into public domain and become public nuisance, even causing harm to members of the public. Take for example, smokers who smoke indiscriminately, huffing and puffing among non-smokers, and harming the health of the latter group. Loud music, as mentioned earlier is also a constant sources of annoyance to the public. In fact, it is flattering to label loud music as such, for most of the public would find it a noise and disturbance.

For truly classical and inspirational music, one would find a gem of it in legendary composers such as Yanni and Kitaro. ‘Song of Antarctica ’ a musical piece by Yanni is especially soothing to the ears as well as soul.

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Red Orchid said...

I agree with you that Yanni and Kitaro are legendary composers. Yanni has numerous instrumental pieces that are very soothing that I like to listen to.

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