Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sleazy Joo Chiat

After my meeting today, I walked along Joo Chiat Road to take the MRT home. Joo Chiat Road, a road lined up with pubs, discos, KTVs, massage parlours, budget hotels and not forgetting the eateries offering gourmet dishes, is one of the seediest streets in Singapore.

True enough, as I walked on, I witnessed how around this time of the night (2 hours before the stroke of midnight), the earthly creatures of the night came to the fore, transforming the whole street into a street of neon lights filled with cigarettes fumes, shady deals and activities.

These creatures of the night inevitably included scores of women, who look like Vietnamese, openly plying their trades along the streets, in outfits that are far from modest. The nocturnal creatures of the night included the prey: men who indulge in earthly pleasure: smoking, womanizing, drinking etc. However there are also the decent ones who just go there for their suppers and meals, seemingly unperturbed by the surrounding lusty environment.

It is sad that Joo Chiat road, a beacon of rich Peranakan heritage and culture falls prey to such immoral activities. However, it was reported that the present Joo Chiat is much better ‘cleaned up’ these days through actions by the police and Grassroots volunteers.

As I continued my walk to the MRT station and ponder what I have seen, one point that validates my observation of life from this walk is the mindsets of man: for some men, they have very lofty goals, for others, their goals in life is to indulge in the worldly pleasures…….

And I may add…….To each his own.

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