Sunday, June 22, 2008

Right to Breathe (Fresh Air)

I have something to share with readers. I wholeheartedly find that the number of smokers in Singapore is really increasing exponentially!

I have nothing against smokers; it is their right to choose to smoke. However being a non-smoker, I do not really like smokers who puff and huff cigarette smoke or hold their lit cigarettes as they walk; spreading the cigarette fumes around to non-smokers.

Just today alone, I have met a number of inconsiderate smokers who huff and puff near me, forcing me to inhale some of the cigarette smoke and become a passive smoker. I have also really notice that on the streets that more and more Singaporeans smoking, irregardless of age and sex.

Along with this phenomenon, is the unstoppable increase of vehicles on our roads which inevitably increases air pollution.

Thus the air around us may not really be as fresh as we would want it to be, in light of more and more smokers and vehicles in Singapore.

When I am abroad in a really rural kind of setting with lush vegetation and lesser people and vehicles, I can really breathe in FRESH air and I could tell the distinct difference and the invigorating taste of fresh and unpolluted air.

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