Sunday, June 22, 2008


This year’s Eurocups were marked by winnings by underdogs. In today’s quarter-final match, the seeming omnipotent Netherlands was sent packing home by the underdog Russia. In the match one day before this, Croatia fell prey to Turkey. At this juncture, only Germany has upheld its traditional powerhouse status, slaying off Portugal in the first quarter-final. The ball is round and both Spain and Italy shall have an equal opportunity of winning today’s quarter-final though personally I prefer Italy and would like to see a final between Germany and Italy.

The striking and stunning performance by the underdogs is what makes this year Eurocup special. It is exactly for the same reason that pundits lose their hard-earned moneys; for seeming easy- to-predict match like the Netherlands and Russia today (where the widely tipped-to-win team was the former) deviate from their strong beliefs.

It is a good sign that some countries who are not traditional winning favourites in the Euros are having a field day now by having come so far in the tournament, regardless of whether they would win the Eurocup ultimately or no; it has been a marked improvement for them. Applying the same principle to our everyday lives, the less successful lot of our society would one day improve their standard of living, given that they constantly upgrade themselves and be resilient in the face of adversity.

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