Thursday, June 05, 2008

Where have all the people gone?

Last two weeks have been somewhat an anomaly for me.

Taking the overcrowded morning bus to work has become the norm for me every weekday, at certain times, I was not able to even board and get on the bus. Thus I was immensely surprised that since last Monday, I was able to board the bus easily at all times. I could also find a seat effortlessly; to the extent that each passenger on the upper deck of the bus is able to take up one full seat meant for two passengers, with some seats still left unoccupied.

Where has the maddening crowd gone? Where is the perennial jostling and shoving to board the bus and to land a coveted seat? What has happened? and last but not least, where have all the students gone?

It was on the last note that I realized the mid-year school vacation has commenced since 24 May 08.

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