Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strength of Life

Saw a young child today going to school with clutches on both his hands. His legs seemed to be deformed and weak, every step he took required great strength and courage as he dug both his clutches just to make one step forward. Every step he made, he displayed immense courage, put in rapt concentration, totally ignoring the countless number of stares drawn to him by the on-lookers.

Imagine a simple thing that we take for granted such as walking, to some, it is a challenge to be surmounted everyday. It is easy to get carried away with life, to grumble small things here and there, to chase for the unimportant things in life, while forgetting that we are healthy and blessed in certain ways.

The sobering reminders often come knocking to us only when we witness how some unfortunate brave and cherish each day with their undying courage, determination and strength.

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