Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Singapore 2010 Dream

Singapore has lost 3-7 to Uzbekistan just last week, smashing the little island’s dream of qualifying for World Cup 2010.

The Singapore Sports Council has employed bio-mechanists to spend hours analyzing the move of its Uzbekistan opponents in their previous matches, with the assistance of highly sophisticated scientific and technological instruments, to present a finding on the opponent’s formation, its Achilles’ heel, etc to the Singapore soccer coach.

Alas, that does not help much, for the opponents easily triumphed over the Lions.

Singapore team has not performed well in the international soccer arena despites funding and intense training of the National team, the introduction of S-League to boost the standards of the team, etc.

Why is it always so? Why are the Lions not as good as other international teams despites the efforts and funding spent to train and nurture the players? What has happened to our vision of Singapore 2010?

Is soccer in Singapore really a matter of nature vs nurture: do the players from other countries just happened to have the ‘soccer genes’?

Today is the start of Euro 2008 season: 6 gruelling matches all within 23 days for the winning team to emerge.

Seeing the players play, their style is really different from that of Singapore.

No dream is too big for Singapore. Many Singaporeans may thought that Singapore 2010 is just a pipedream, for me I still think it is still a dream. Man need dreams to excel, aspire and improve, so does our national soccer team.

Be it 2010, 2050, 2100, 2150, 2200, sooner or later, we may see our Lions playing in the world cup!

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