Friday, June 06, 2008

Virtual living

It is appalling that our younger generation has fallen prey to the newfangled devices of modern technology.

As parents would often attest to, their young kids at home are always closeted in their own rooms, busily tapering on their keyboard, spending their nights away on the latest internet games, internet chat forums, MSN chats and social networking sites like the Facebook, blogs and the like.

On the buses and the MRT, one would also witness Singaporeans, especially the youth, plugged into devices like the portable play stations (PSP), 3G or camera handphones busily ‘SMSing’, listening to the latest music offerings on their iPODs…… their different senses fully and inexorably immersed into myriads of worlds.

Such is the irony of modern technology: In its attempt to bring people closer by offering more convenience, the use of technology has detracted from this fundamental purpose. Instead we see more and more young Singaporeans spending the bulk of their time in front of their computers, handphones and other gadgets, socializing virtually.

Nothing beats the tactile and tangible human-to-human interaction. Youth who lives off their computer games, and other fun gadgets would become socially inapt in time to come, they would realize they have become a misfit in society and this made them even more willingly and unrelentlessly return to their virtual worlds they find familiar and love in.

Their constant indulgence in a sedentary lifestyle also has health implications, not to mention the adverse effects of such a lifestyle on their studies, work and relationship.

I exhort all youth to come out and enjoy life to the fullest. Moderation in all aspects of life is key.

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