Thursday, June 19, 2008

PRC Service Staff

An increasing number of local shops are being served by Chinese nationals who only speak basic English. Many a times, I was surprised when some of these service staff could not understand my requests though I have used very simple English; some of them could not even understand in English, the names of some of the product that the shops carry. What was surprising is that these encounters also occur in uptown shops like Raffles City Shopping Centre and the like and I have to resort back to using Chinese to be understood by the staff. Singapore’s service quality has not always been ranked top-notch by both locals and foreigners; the continuous use of service staff who could not understand common English would stand Singapore in an even bad stead. Some tourists may also be turned off by the lacklustre and wanting service standard as well finding it awkward for being not understood in English in a city where English is a spoken common language. Employers should ensure their service staff could understand common requests from customers made in English else their bottom lines would soon plunge and the Singapore’s service quality will ebb subsequently.

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