Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Foreign workers gawking at sunbathing women on Sentosa beach

A lady, by the name of Cheryl, caught a group of people, who seemed to be foreign workers “gawking” at bikini-clad foreign women sunbathing on Sentosa beach. She took a photo and posted it on STOMP and her sharing became instant news recently!

I was quite appalled to read that some of these “spectators” even whipped out their cameras and took photos of these bikini-clad ladies. I thought that act was really beyond the comfort zone of the sunbathing women as it intruded their privacy. While some people went on to say that gawking is wrong, I would prefer to analyze this “gawking incident” by 3 factors:(i) time (of gawking) (ii) no. of “gawkers” and (iii) aesthetic appeal of the “gawkers”.

Factor 1: Time. If the group of workers were to stare at the beach ladies only for 2 minutes or so, that should be okay for the ladies as the duration was short. But from what I have read, the group of workers seemed enchanted by what they saw and were looking at the ladies for quite a length of time with some taking out their cameras to record the sight. Also, even if there were 1 person looking at all the ladies for 15 minutes non-stop, it would seem awkward for the ladies.

Factor 2: No. of “gawkers”. If there were only one or few gawkers looking at the women for 1 or 2 minute and then they leave the women alone, it should be okay for these ladies. Conversely, even if there is a large group of workers looking at the women but only for 1 minute, I think the ladies would think of it as a compliment; but beyond than that, it is a nuisance.

Factor 3: Aesthetic appeal of the gawkers: If the large group of workers “gawking” at the sunbathing ladies were not the foreign workers as reported and illustrated but imagine it was a group of half-naked hunks with rippling muscles and 6-pack abdomen, I think onlookers would think it is part of the “Baywatch landscape” and I believe no one, even the sunbathing ladies would complain!

So like what I have always believed: in life, everything is relative and subjective.

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