Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Regret harms health, be happy in life

Recently, I read an article which reported that regretting is a kind of action which wrecks harmful effect on one’s health. Even without reading this article, I already know that unhappiness will cause one’s body to breakdown and illness to emerge. It is not that uncommon to learn of stressed people contracting diseases. Unhappiness also leads to people getting sick as it lowers one’s immunity level. Hence I find it not worthwhile if a person earns millions of dollars per day only to trade sleep, health and family time for 20 or more working hours daily just to earn that amount of monies, feeling stressed and having his health compromised.
I am a person who sometimes turns pessimistic and negative especially when thinking about my career. I know negative thoughts will in turn breed toxins in the body which will reduce my immunity and leads me feeling depressed and fall victim to diseases. Hence I always tell myself to be positive in the face of daily challenges. I have to do it: be positive for my family. Hence I must always soldier on and be brave!
I now turn to jogging, exercising, music and possibly games in future beside my regular dosage of TV, invaluable family time, reading and watching news and internet activities. It will be the most unwise if we let other people make us unhappy and in turn we become sick and spend our own hard-earned monies to treat ourselves.
It is hard for me to be happy as workwise, I am in an environment with not much of a career prospects and where colleagues are hostile and play politics.

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