Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Of Learning for life, of IT gadgets, hobbies and diary

I read and learnt somewhere but not sure where it originated from and I reproduced it here: in life, there are 4 main aims: to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy.
While many people live and possibly love, I think not many people will continue to learn once they step out of class. As a voracious reader and learner, I read quite a number of books every year on different subjects, especially on those subjects which interest me. I must share with readers that learning expands one’s horizons and further one’s possibilities. It enables me to see future possibilities away from the present limitation. Hence I agree very much with the Education Minister that Education is the best gift to children. I believe reading is a very important hobby which must be inculcated into our little children. A reader is a learner and a learner is a winner.
However, in this IT era, youths and even adults are always spending time on the latest IT gadget or device. Sometimes I wonder whether excessive texting on Facebook, Twitter are really a wise usage of time in our time-crunched society. I do not subscribe to such hobbies like Facebooking, twittering and the most web 2.0 activity which I indulged in regularly.
Blogging provides me with a catharsis to express my thoughts and emotions. It allows me to share my experiences and ideas with the world.

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