Thursday, November 10, 2011

Revamping the ministries in Singapore

Not too long ago, a writer to the Straits Time Forum proposed to have, as a separate entity, a Ministry of Sports in order for Singapore to concentrate on building its sport capability. Currently sports are under the Ministry of Community Development, Youths and Sports (MCYS). While I neither agree or disagree with the writer’s suggestion, I have some personal suggestions as to revamp certain ministries and “parking” of statutory boards in Singapore.
I would take AVA away from National Development Ministry (MND) and put it under Health Ministry (Moh). This would encourage a more holistic approach for the authorities to tackle health and nutrition issues by fostering more synergy between AVA and HPB.
I would take Youths away from MCYS and have put it under MICA as these days youths are so ingrained in new IT gadgets and we need to cultivate a sense of arts among our youths. This new ministry will be called Ministry of Youth, Information, Communications and Arts (MYICA).
I would take URA and NParks away from MND and put it under the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources as urban and natural landscaping are part of our environment hence there could only be more benefits with a new parking of these 2 statutory boards under the environment ministry.
Finally, with many Singaporeans turning investment-savvy, and also more investors losing monies in the likes of the Lehman Brother and MG Global episodes, I hope for the setting up a new Statutory board called the Investment  Regulatory Authority (InRA) to inculcate money-savy-ness among Singaporeans and the need to be money smart rather than book smart in our children since primary school days.

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