Friday, November 18, 2011

One Easy Way for Health Promotion Board to combat increasing myopia among young children

I understand that Health Promotion Board (HPB) is targeting to combat increasing myopia among our young children. I applaud the initiative. Similarly HPB should target the increasing smoking phenomenon among Singaporeans (no offence to smokers, but smoking has some inherent health risks), address the increasing stressed up and depressed number of Singaporeans who may not cope well with the fast pace of life in Singapore (not sure whether Bedok Reservoir incident is related to stressed and depressed Singaporeans) and ensure infrastructure in Singapore is friendly to Senior Citizens (I find new escalators are riding up or down at increasing speeds).
I find that one simple way for HPB to address the increasing myopia among young children, in particular, young students is to simply reduce the over-reliance of using computer devices in the teaching in Primary Schools. Can we have more non-computer tools to educate our children? It is not healthy for our young students to be surrounded by computer, internet and wi-fi devices from a tender young age. The radiation risks from handphone are also non-conclusive.

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