Friday, November 11, 2011

Stray cats of Singapore and Singapore Cats

Recently there are calls to do more for our stray cats of Singapore; a constituency in the North has already built a shelter to house these stray cats.
My thinking is to let the stray cats be what they are: strays. If we build a shelter and care for them and feed them so that they need not hunt,  they are no longer called strays.
We will be eroding that sense of survival instinct in these stray cats if we convert them from stray cats to domesticated pets. These strays will not be any more different from pets.
I know that there are some cat perverts here in Singapore, torturing these cats at times but let this be no reason for these cats not to roam our streets. We need to give these stray cats the freedom to explore the different estates in Singapore by their walking on the streets at 4km a days visiting Pasir Ris in the East to Marina Bays Sands in the Centre.
We need these cats to be truly Singapore cats by roaming around and getting used to the diversity of sights, flora and fauna of Singapore. We do not want to see the emergence of constituency cats in Singapore!

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