Saturday, November 19, 2011

SMRT should use Technology to solve refusal to give up reserved seats in MRT trains: my Suggestion

It is quite common today to witness passengers who hog the reserved seats on the MRT trains-these seats are meant for passengers who need a seat more-obliviously even if those passengers who need these seats stand in front of them! These hoggers are also oblivious to those passengers who stare at them with disapprovingly looks.

I think we need to leverage on technology to solve this phenomenon of hoggers refusing to give up the reserved seats.  SMRT can consider earmarking a number of seats as reserved in a single train carriage as currently the number of reserved seats in a train carriage is very few-they do not meet the demand. After earmarking these reserved seats, SMRT should barricade them with metal bars and make them lock by default. SMRT should give passengers who are in need of these reserved seats a card for them to use to unlock these reserved seats whenever they travel. SMRT should make the proposed locking and unlocking features of these reserved seat simple and easy to use –like tapping with their Ez-link card where the key for this group of passengers who require the reserved seats most can be embedded inside.

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