Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will installing CCTVs at Void Decks lead to Void Decks being completely Void?

I read that the police is embarking on the measure to install CCTVs at void decks to prevent and deter crimes in the heartlands. While I applaud the move, I find that the installation of CCTVs will lead to a redefinition of void decks.
Void decks, in general, derive their sense of meaning from the ways the public use them.  Community events, weddings are just some of the more formal occasions being held at void decks; with the use of void decks being largely informal: senior citizens looking at life passing by, students in uniforms gathering and chatting, teenagers kissing and hugging, children playing freely and sleeping at night by the homeless Hence in my opinion, Void Decks are creative expressions of a common empty space by Singaporeans for them to do their favourite activities there with the community or alone. Void Decks are microcosm of Singaporean life.
Will the installation of CCTVs at void decks- no doubt for a good-hearted reason- cause a deterrence in the use of void decks among these groups. e.g: senior citizens may sit for a reduced duration at the benches in the void decks or giving up this hobby of theirs altogether as they feel they are being watched? Similarly, will ordinary Singaporeans reduce or stop the use of their activities at void decks for the same reason? Will void decks end up being completely void-of people, of the community, of the Singaporean identity?

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