Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bought Norton Internet Security 2012 at SITEX

I went to SITEX fair again today to purchase Norton Internet Security 2012 at a good price of $29.90. I went to Challenger later on and found that the same software is being sold at $49.90, hence I saved $20 today.

It is super super crowded at Singapore Expo today. There are practically thousands and thousands of people throngging the various exhibition halls. The human traffic was so bad that I have to walk fast at times, then slow down and walk fast again as I navigated the incessant crowed like an earthworm worming its way out of the soil. Along the way, I bumped into shoulders of many men and even bumped into some innocent young kids who then cried (I was so sorry!).  The new Changi City Point had very good business today due to the "spill-over" effect from the strong crowds at SITEX.

As I grew a bit frustrated to jostle with the thousands of people at Expo and at Changi City Point, I thought to myself: If Italy is famous for its impressive churches, then Singapore must be renowned for its rich variety and number of mega shopping malls and expo sales.

I am not sure whether so many shopping centres in Singapore will tempt Singaporeans to spend on consumer items and save lesser? As I entered the train station to head for home, I saw some shoppers tugging Panasonic or Sony TV being rejected by the security guards at the MRT stations. I think they need to queue with the crowds at the taxi stand to reach home.

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