Friday, November 18, 2011

Adventures with Chris Lee: Thank You MediaCorp

Yesterday, like what I have been doing for a few Thursday nights now, I tuned into Channel U at 8pm to catch the 1-hour reality show featuring Chris Lee’s adventures in our regional countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The show featured Chris’s roughing out in the forests and primitive jungles of these countries, living the rugged lives of the local tribes, working like them and experiencing their lives and so on. But I was very impressed at yesterday’s show with Chris Lee braving the immense dangers and comforts of a sulphur miner in a village in Indonesia.
 As portrayed in the same show, the work of a sulphur miner is really one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world! When I saw in the earlier parts of the show that a thin miner can actually take a load of 110kg and transverse as well as navigating up and down the hill with this load-even though he probably just weighs at most 50kg, I was shocked. But towards the closing of the show, I finally learnt how this miner did it: his already thinned and worn-out shoulders, filled with callus revealed a wide gap between his arm bone and his shoulder: the width of this gap was the same as that of the pole of his 110kg load! It was terrible! No wonder the miner did not feel anything as his bone structure was already torn apart to suit his daily physically demanding task! The sulphur fumes the miners inhale daily also do wreckage to their health-even their teeth are being corroded by the acidic fumes daily.
I would like to Thank Mediacorp for showcasing this production. After watching this show, all my complaints about my work seem to go away. I hope MediaCorp will have more of such productions for Singaporeans to understand how comfortable their lives really are!

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