Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I know the title of this blog post comes quite early as we are still about a month to a brand new year. It is that time of the year, yet again! That time of the year when we slow down our pace of life a little, taking stock of what we have done and achieved in year 2011. That time of the year when colleagues start to take their leave, leaving fewer colleagues in the office. That time of the year when it is widely recognized as a holiday and a relaxing period, though I am not sure whether it is a good excuse to slow down in work-for this answer maybe you can ask your boss?
Looking forward to year 2012, it is surely that time of the year when setting resolutions for the coming head becomes a buzzword and free calenders and organizers (which are coveted items in this economically challenged times) are welcome!
As usual, I seek to continuously improve myself in all arenas of life! I will also continue to improve this blog for you, my valued readers!
If you have been following my blog, I welcome your emails on comments on how to make my blog a meaningful one. And if you have articles to contribute, do feel free to email me.
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