Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christian Eliab Ratnam: media should not have shown his photo

Today's Straits Time reported that a full-time National Serviceman, Christian Eliab Ratnam has posted a photo criticizing Islam. A police report was lodged to investigate this matter. Christian Eliab Ratnam's case came right after the case of ex-YPAP member Jason Neo.
However unlike Jason Neo, Christian Eliab Ratnam's photo was shown on the first page of the newspapers as well as online media. I would think it would be better for the media not to show any photo of Christian Eliab Ratnam as the issue Eliab was involved is racially sensitive.

I think both Jason and Christian meant no harm, just that in the world of the internet, a cloak of anonymity seems to be offered which may tempt some netizens to comment carelessly without bearing the responsibilty of their words.

I think the Education Ministry shall inculcate good online etiquette through education in primary schools as the cases of such unwarranted remarks online seems to be increasing. I hope Mr Heng Swee Keat, as the Education Minister can look into educating our children on good online etiquettes.

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