Saturday, November 12, 2011

Changi City Point: Vivocity of the East

Following my thoughts on Changi City Point, Singapore's newest mall in the East next to Expo, my family and I visited the new shopping mall this evening. I was surprised that Changi City Point is bigger than what I thought though it has only 1 basement level and 3 storeys. Changi City Point is a shopping mall under Fraser Centrepoint Trust which is the company behind all the "points" shopping mall such as Bedok Point, North Point and so on.

Anyway, Changi City Point is a nice shopping centre with a water park for young children on the 2nd storey and a large skygarden and amphi-theatre on the 3rd storey.The shape of the shopping centre as well as the skygarden, ampi-theatre and water park which I have just mentioned makes the shopping mall resemble Vivocity. However, I find that the interior of the shopping mall is just like Nex: spacious and the height is larger. This should be one of the shopping malls under Fraser Centre Point which gives me a better impression as I find North Point, Bedok Point quite packed.

Anyway, Changi City Point retailers will be able to sustain its businesses as there will be crowds thronging Expo on weekends while on weekdays, it will be able to serve the increasing thousands of working class at the nearby business hubs and companies. Just DBS building itself has hundreds of staff, hence business at Changi City Point should be brisk and sustainable.

As the shopping mall is not really constructed over, there were missing directory signs and some people like my family finally found the toilet at the 2nd storey hidden behind a "martial arts-kind of secret door"!

While the shopping centre is big, eateries wise, there is quite a large number of coffeeshops at the basement level.

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