Thursday, November 10, 2011

GoogleCorrection? Bloggers beware of new hacking techniques!

I would like to share this experience with all bloggers and all readers who have friends who blog. As blogger, we all know that we are able to see which traffic sources send us traffic. These few days, I have been receiving hundreds of traffic from strange website like, and all other sites with a .tk extension.

As a blogger, I am naturally proud of good traffic and it is without hesitation that I want to click on these websites to see how the website references to my blog? Either through a link to my blog or a blogroll mention in these websites?

Bloggers, never click on these links which you are unsure of, especially when these sent you lots of traffic. These are hacker websites! I have clicked one or two and hence I am quite worried and am running a scan on my computer. Hope you can pass this message around to all of your friends and loved ones who blog.

Thank You.

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