Friday, June 01, 2012

National Day Parade 2012 tickets: NDP Organizing Committee should ensure a more equitable distribution of tickets

Application for the tickets of National Day Parade 2012 has closed; right now I believe applicants of these tickets like I are keenly awaiting call from the organizers to collect the tickets.

There have been calls, e.g. via letters to the press asking for the organizers of the annual National Day Parade to implement a more equitable distribution of tickets as there are instances of Singaporeans getting the NDP tickets every year while there are also many who are not allocated the tickets despite their religiously applying for the tickets yearly. I belong to the latter category and I must confess to you that it has been more than ten years since I last attended the National Day Parade. Ever since that parade, all my applications for the tickets yearly were not successful. I have also been seeing some of my friends working in the Military or serving in the Grassroots organizations getting these tickets every year: they do not need to apply but are guaranteed a seat in the parade every year hassle-free.

The National Day Parade Organizing Committee should ensure all Singaporeans are given equal chance of attending the National Day Parade. The electronic balloting for the tickets does not seem to be fair if the distribution does not take into account whether an applicant has attended a parade before in the previous few years.

I will prefer the predecessor of the electronic balloting of tickets which is to queue for the tickets as I will definitely get the tickets if I were to be in the queue early.

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