Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Greece results in Eurocups Championships and Greece election results

I have never been to Greece; however since young, I have always been fascinated by Greek mythologies, legends and heroes. Only last year, like many other investors, Greece once again surfaced on our “radars” for Greece may be the country which will precipitate the likelihood of the global economy entering into recession: come 17 Jun and we shall find out!

However this month brings a sobering and uplifting mood to Europe, especially those Eurozone countries mired in the Eurozone debt crisis for it is football time!  I am not a football fan but when it comes to international football events like World Cup and the Eurocup, I am quite excited and will do some “investment” in some teams.

Host Poland will face off Greece in the Opening Match on 8 Jun 12. With odds for Greece’s win over Poland at 3.6; I think this is a credible odd and hence I have wagered quite significantly on Greece to win Poland. My wager has also –more importantly-to do with my belief that Greece will fight in a fashion similar to that of 2004 when Greece won the World Cup!

Newpapers reported that the absenteeism among workers captivated by the Eurocups will increase.

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