Friday, June 22, 2012

Two uncles fight on SBS bus

After an old woman and a young lady quarreled fiercely on the MRT, this time it is two uncles fighting on a SBS bus.

This time round, as it involved men, there is some real action as you can see later on the video below.

I think the recent spate of public commuters being embraced in quarrels and fights may attest to the very high level of stress in our Singapore society which is getting more and more crowded everywhere. Also, the number of good jobs may seem to be getting more competitive  and more men and women, young and old are having more and more hair loss.

I think it is time for Mr Lui Tuck Yew to intervene using his Land Transport Authority (LTA). We should consider having commuters buying public travel insurance lest the MRT platform gap is too big for them or they become victims of some warly commuters!

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