Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Upgrading, upgrading and upgrading

As I stepped out of my house this morning and was about to take the lift, I noticed that the fa├žade and the exterior of the lift was in a situation of mess: there were overturned concrete tiles and exposed old cement: it does not take a rocket scientist here in Singapore to give one word to this seemingly chaotic situation: estate upgrading!

Estate upgrading is a sensitive word when it comes to political elections here as it is often seen as a “carrot” by the ruling party in the eyes of the Opposition and some Singaporeans. I will not delve into details here; you can read more about it in the internet.

I am just surprised that the lift conditions have all along been alright; why do we need to do some more works just to increase the aesthetics appeal of the HDB flats? If the upgrading works are to add more provision facilities for the elderly and those needy and with special needs; I am quite okay; but spending taxpayers’ money just to increase some aesthetic appeal of the estate, I think the monies could be better spent to help the needy Singaporeans.

Similarly, there are always dozens of grassroots events on weekends; these events are funded by the People’s Association and these funds are also taxpayers’ monies: I believe these grassroots events should be scaled down so as to channel more monies to help the needy Singaporeans. For example, I have read that the East Coast GRC Youth Groups organized a very large-scale kind of youth bonding event last Sunday; should the monies be spent on the needy and help those unemployed?

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