Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Maths of Kong Hee

Yesterday night, when I switched on the TV to tune in to the news of the day, I was immediately greeted by the top news of the day: Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest church was arrested with 4 other church members for misappropriations of the church funds! Then the TV detailed, using infographics how the alleged misused funds flowed from one account to the other account and how the funds split into parts and even more parts which then flowed from one account into another or others.
By the time I have digested all the information, my already tired mind was made even more lethargic by the complication of the execution of the alleged misuse of fund. What a brilliant operation of channelling of fund as it was really complicated. It is no wonder that this misappropriation of funds is only discovered till now.
We have TT Durai, then Ming Yi and now Kong Hee!
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