Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What has Hair Loss got to do with Eurocup?

The Eurocup is entering into the quarter-final stage. Of all the teams, Germany is the one which has impressed me thus far and I am happy that all the bets I have wagered on Germany reap good returns for me! However, when it comes to meeting Greece in the quarter-finals later, I reckon it will be a tough fight. Greece has won Germany before and in the coming match, Greeks may fight with a gusto engendered by their people to show their unhappiness with Germany for implementing austerity measures on Greece.

On the other hand, England has made some good improvements in this Eurocup with its key player Wayne Rooney coming into form. I think Wayne Rooney has played much better and this may be due to him feeling more handsome and confident before after his hair transplant! As a man who experiences balding myself, I believe hair do really matters to men especially young men as the lack of our manly mane seems to suggest unfitness!

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