Friday, June 01, 2012

The Old Chang Kee Plastic Bag

I bought a curry puff from Old Chang Kee this morning before taking the train. A curry puff from Old Chang Kee now costs $1.30. I still remembered the time when it cost only $0.80, after which the price went up, up and up to $1, $1.20 , all the way to its current price.

The price increase is due to, no doubt, high inflation of our country which sees the prices of goods and services heading north. However, the intent of today’s post is not to discuss about inflation, or the Old Chang Kee curry puff- I have no real complaints about Old Chang Kee curry puffs, except that I find that the quality of the puffs is not really as nice as before and that it varies and is not consistent across outlets- rather, I just want to point out to my interesting find of the Old Chang Kee Plastic Bag.

After I have tucked the puff nicely into my stomach, I saw printed on the Old Chang Kee Plastic Bag was the logo of the National Day Parade 2011 “Majulah” with the text caption of the parade. Well, though I am perfectly alright with using older plastic bags, with this year’s National Parade being just 2 months away, I think it may be confusing to Singaporeans and foreigners if they were to see this logo.

Most importantly, it seems to me that the management of Old Chang Kee may have printed the aforementioned plastic bags in celebration of National Day Parade 2011 a tad too many such that these bags are still being circulated for use till today.

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