Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old Woman and Young Lady Quarrels Over Priority Seat in MRT Station on 18 Jun 12 6.30pm

An old  woman quarreled with a young lady in MRT station on Monday 18 Jun 12 around 6.30pm.
I watched the youtube video clip embedded below and I think the old auntie was not happy that the young lady gave up seat to her only after sometime and after some "staring" as alleged by the old lady.

I think the old woman should feel grateful to the young lady for giving up the seat to her as now the norm for people not entitled to the seat is to pretend to sleep so as to get the reserved seat.

I think the old lady scolded the young lady out of some frustration with china women as that was precisely the accusation levied at the young lady (that she is from china) when the old woman opened her mouth. I surmised that she must have some bad encounter with china women. In Singapore, there has been an increasing trend where Singapore women's husbands are seduced by china women.

I think it is even too much for the old woman to want to take photo of the young lady to send to the press. Kudos to  Mr Muhammad Khair, 21, a student who shot the whole scene on his mobile phone camera and uploaded to Youtube for Singaporeans to judge who is right and who is wrong.

Though I do not know what actually happened but can only guess, I would give the young lady 1and the old woman 0 (sorry this is not Eurocups). It is wrong the minute someone starts a quarrel.

Again, this incident just showed how stressful life in Singapore has become!

Watch the video clip below:

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