Monday, June 11, 2012

Health Scare

These few days, I have been experiencing from an unknown and mysterious pain on my big toe. Initially I thought that I might have kicked my foot on the wall while sleeping but as days went and the pain did not subside, I felt that the cause of the pain may be something else.  The pain was quite nerve-cracking and hence I began to be scared, scared that I may be contracting something more insidious than an external superficial knock.

I began to search on the internet for some possible causes: the most likely fitting description will be gout: a rich man’s illness. Gout may be attributable to diabetes and I worry that my big toe may be cut off.

Every time I have a illness, I will see whether the symptoms will subside before consulting the doctor. I self-medicated in this latest episode of health scare by applying the time-honoured Zambuk on my toe; as of this time in writing, my pain has really recovered though there is still some pain.

I am not surprised if I am to get some illness as I am really ageing and maybe fast for my age. Just yesterday, at the PC show, I was really surprised that a young girl actually called me “uncle” to signal to me. When I first heard that word, I though the young lady was calling someone else, but when I looked at her, I was shocked, ya she is beckoning to me!

As days go, I age and it is common for people to experience more health problems with aging.  It is only at these episodes of health scare that I learn to be contented with life for health is the most priceless asset that anyone can have.
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