Thursday, June 14, 2012

Euro Champ Singapore Pools Soccer Betting

Today's midnight, Germany thrashed Netherlands 2-1. I watched the first 2 goals of Germany in the first half of the soccer match before switching my internet off and went back to sleep. I am sad; its not that I am sad that Germany has won but I am sad of my wallet!

You see, right from the start of this Euro Champ league, I have been an active punter, betting on quite a number of matches. I won some, did not win some, and as of today, I am $60 in the red!

I am not usually a punter frequently Singapore Pools but when it comes to World Cup and European Champions, I will punt just to get into the fun and excitement.

$60 may not be a lot, but it is money, afterall; it can be used to offset some of my daily expenditures. I am not sure whether I will want to buy more matches to offset this loss but as I realised, this strategy of continuing to bet to pare off losses will end me further in the red!

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