Friday, June 29, 2012

Mediacorp should broadcast Eurocup 2012 Semi- Finals and Finals

It is really very disappointing that Mediacorp does not broadcast any of the semi-final and final matches of Eurocup 2012. In the previous Eurocup and World Cup matches, Mediacorp broadcasted at least the semi-finals and the finals; even this arrangement was scrapped off now.

I am also dismayed that during the reporting of the Eurocup matches of the day, our National broadcaster only showed to viewers images rather than the video footage of the goals of the day. This is really quite unjustifiable as in the world of today, many viewers can just visit Youtube to look at the goal-scoring footage; Mediacorp can similarly take some of these images -if it really does not have plan to buy the actual footage-with credit given to Youtube.

I am really disappointed with Mediacorp: Singapore prides itself as a good member of the international community with an inclusive society but the fact that it did not show such important global soccer matches seems to me that we have some way to go before we truly become a first world country.

Afternote: Mediacorp's reply

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