Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eurocup Finals: The Ball is Round Part 2

Having lost $30 betting Greece to win Poland, I woke up this morning, switched on my computer and internet only to find myself staring at the monitor in shock: Denmark won 1-0 over Netherlands!

This is really incredible to me! How could the Danes win the Dutch! I have betted $40 on the Dutch to win the Danes and with this results, I have wasted $70 of my hard-earned monies!

I am ultra-thrifty and this $70 meant a lot to me! Before placing my punts, I have analyzed and chosen only few of the group matches with "high probabilites of winning" all I have to show in this analysis is that the world is round.

I have betted another $30 for Croatia to win Ireland; if this time I do not got it correct, I would think that I am just not good in playing such football odds!

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