Friday, June 15, 2012

Too many commuters causing train glitches?

It was reported that a man has fallen into the gap between the train and the platform, this incident came right after a woman has similarly found herself trapped in the platform gap.If I am correct, the width of the platform gap has not changed (aka increased) since the commencement of MRT services in Singapore and hence why is there an increasing number of people finding themselves stuck in the platform gap?

While there may be no concrete scientific evidence, I presume most of the train glitches including overloaded trains,slow speed of trains, frequent train breakdowns and the recent slew of commuters stuck in the platform gaps has to do with the increasing number of commuters.

I think each SMRT train has a certain threshold of weight it can carry effectively; beyond this threshold, the machinery supporting the train may become spoilt easily; leading to more frequent breakdown in train services.
With a higher number of commuters which leads to a higher mass carried by each train, of course trains will slow down and become not as fast as before.

And with more commuters; commuters entering the MRT train may have not much time to board the train after fighting for space with the dozens of commuters to enter the train; it will not be surprise that some find themselve stuck in the platform gap.

This is my hypothesis.

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