Saturday, December 05, 2009

The twilight saga: new moon movie

I watched "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" movie, which was released just this Thursday, last night with my wife. The plot was not as exciting as part 1 : "Twilight", in fact, the whole show was very 'draggy' and not much of an action or excitement.

I would have expected that in this sequel, Victoria, the remaining blood-thristy vampire would be dealt with, instead the whole show centred on the theme of love.

In the end, the female protagonist chose the vampire over the werewolf and the movie ended suddenly when the vampire popped the golden question to the female protagonist "Will you marry me?", then the screen went blank. A chorus of dismay resonated simultaneously from the audience, leaving one no doubt that this "Twilight" sequel was very poor as compared to the first instalment.

Besides the display of ample body muscles of the well-endowed werewolf which proves abundant eye candy to females and the seeing of the huge and cute wolves, I think you can put better use of your money.

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