Friday, December 25, 2009

Singapore Orchard Road Christmas

Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas! My wife and I have just come back from Orchard Road and I must tell you, it is real jammed packed with people! Almost thousands of Singaporeans,Permanent residents and foreigners descended down to Orchard road to usher in Christmas! Human traffic is so slow that even a patient people will be irritated.Anyway, it is so nice to be at home and I returned home right before midnight. Orchard road, with thousands of people, walking around, making fun and others sitting down just to usher in Christmas was simply a bomb to be detonated. Why do I say that? As some of the crowds passed, some strangers will spray those bubble foams to people they do not know. And at other instances, a group of people will start to cheer out loud and another group at the end of the jam will resonate with the equal vigor, making merry and funny gestures wildly and loudly!

True enough, there were a number of policemen on standby and stationed at various parts of Orchard road, but I wonder if a riot were to break out, amidst the thousands of bodies, would they prove to be a formidable force to quell the unrest?

If a bomb is to be detonated in Orchard road by terrrorists, thousands would be killed. It is lucky that Singapore is by far a safe country where thousands of people can congregate and celebrate festivals together happily and peacefully.

While in Orchard road, I can see the differences between the atitudes of the many foreigners living in Singapore and Singaporeans. The foreigners are mainly more expressive and 'louder' than Singaporeans. However, the young Singaporeans today have become very much westernized and their behaviour has shockd me.

The demographics of Singapore is fast changing. Singapore has more than a million foreigners living on this small island which comprises mainly of the China Chinese, India Indians and people from all over the world. The Singapore government has tried its best in its efforts to enable harmonious living of the foreigners with Singaporeans but sometimes certain tensions still exist between them.

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