Monday, December 21, 2009

Free calendars

Year 2009 has seen the worst of the economic crises in decades. Banks and financial institutions collapsed, companies went bust, and these were followed by the myriads of retrenchments and cost cutting exercises, which translates to pay cuts and zero bonuses.

Corporate calendars have become a rare breed on theback of this bleak economic calendar. In the past, employees are keenly anticipative of the sleek and compact organizers, diaries as well as calendars they receive pro bono from their companies this time of the year. Today, there seems to be a silent consensus that the company bosses owe no obligation to their charges when it comes to free calendars. This consensus is due to the expectation that companies need to cut cost in this economy on the mend.

So if you are like me without the coveted calendars for the coming 2010, do not fret, here is some good news I would like to share with you.

Go to this site: which stockpiles an array of calendars in different layouts and format. Choose the ones you need and print them out and you are on your way to organizing a great year ahead! Hope you find my post useful to save you some bucks before you scurry along to buy a new diary!

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