Saturday, December 26, 2009

Changi Airport Christmas

Christmas trees have become a regular, if not, a necessary fixture, in any major Christmas decorations. We will witness all these brilliantly decorated Christmas trees in shopping malls and public places. Thus can you imagine what would happen if a Christmas decoration is void of Christmas trees? It would most likely look dull and boring to many.

However, this Christmas, the Changi Airport Group has produced an innovative Christmas concept, decorating its three passenger terminals with colourful balls of different shapes and sizes. There is not a Christmas tree in sight, yet the festive atmosphere these balls engendered is not lost on visitors; on the contrary, the festive mood is revved up to the best Christmas experiences in the airport, as what my wife and I experienced last night, on Christmas night itself!

The biggest Christmas ball in Changi Airport is undoubtedly this one nestled right in Changi Airport Terminal 3 level 2.

The ball looks big, red and nice, even with a closer look:

You may ask why bring in this giant ball and park it in terminal 3, just as a decoration? The authorities there definitely has a much more exciting concept, as every half-hourly, the ball opens up, in a music-box fashion to thrill visitors from young to the very old, belting out a slew of Christmas songs while it rotates with simultaneous coasting up and down of a number of ping pong balls amidst the other balls in itself. Yes, meet the Giant Music Ball in Singapore!

Near the end of the musical ball performance, sweets and ping pong balls will be discharged from the vents located at the bottom of the music ball. Visitors can sign up as participants of a special game to hunt these ping pong balls and exchange them for prizes, see the enthusiasm of this group of participants!

It is hard to describe the magic of this giant music box alone in words and pictures. As such I have recorded the video footage of the music performance, enjoy!

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