Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Best Singapore Blog

I believe some Singapore bloggers would like to be the owner of the Best Singapore Blog in the league of award winning blogs like Xiaxue and Mr Brown, gaining fame while pursuing his or her hobby.

To me, as owner of Singapore Short Stories, I harbor no such lofty goals. My purpose in setting up this blog is just to share the daily happenings and experiences of an average Singaporean growing in this lion city with Singaporeans and friends of the world over.

In addition, as an embracer of knowledge, I also love to share with readers on useful tips that will enhance and improve one's life in the arenas of health, living, events and many more.

It has been 2 years since inception of this blog. I hope readers of my modest blog would love my posts here. There may be times when the quality of the posts here may not be the very best, I do want to seek your pardon as being a working adult in hectic and fast-paced Singapore and juggling many committments in life, I am afterall a human. However, it is most heartening to know that some of you readers have been quietly and silently adding the link of my blog to your personal blogs. You know who you are, many Thanks for your immense support for Singapore Short Stories.

I aspire to make this blog as interesting and as useful to all of you readers and the Best blog in my personal standards.

Many Thanks once again,

Singapore Short Stories

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