Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google Maps Street View singapore

The folks at Google have done it once again! Yes, the folks who bring you Google Earth has released the version of Street View for Singapore just very recently!

With Google Streetview Singapore, one can take a virtual tour of the whole island of Singapore and take in the sights of Singapore streets on one's mobile phones, desktop or laptop with an internet connection! Some months ago, the folks at Google appeared in Singapore and take high resolutions of the streets of Singapore with their video vans. A very high percentage of roads in Singapore are covered, save for some roads which have safety, military implications. The whole of Singapore is now mapped out together with many other countries on one's computer and mobile phone!

Google has tried its best to blur out images of people caught in their Streetview. In the past, photos of people who have got out of brothels or were in compromising positions were captured, to the ire of them. Google has since started blurring images of sensitive subjects, but not all such images could be blurred out. Google welcomes all those who have been captured in their Streetview to raise a case and their cases will be looked into very promptly.

It is with great trepidation that I used Google Streetview Singapore today, and I did catch a photo of a passer-by in one of the first few scenes I saw on Streetview Singapore. I believe Streetview Singapore is such a great tool for those who plan to see the world as well as its streets but could not travel the whole world due to financial constraints, now they are able to travel anywhere and anytime virtually. This software is also great for those who plan to travel to the next overseas destination as it can help them do some homework prior to their travel. Last but not least, for people who are lost, if they are armed with a broadband phone, they may able to navigate themselves to safety or familar grounds!

Singapore Short Stories will teach you how to access Streetview Singapore:

1) First, log in to
Google Maps Singapore

2) Decide on which streets of Singapore you like to see. E.g. if you would like to see Tampines, just navigate using the up/down/left/right button as well as the magnification button.

3) Drag and drop the "Orange Man' icon into the street where you want to view. E.g. Tampines Central and you wil be greeted with a video image main window of the street as shown below.

4) Do you see a small rectange of the orange man and the street on the bottom right of the main window, you drag the orange man icon and the streets ravel as you continue your virtual travel!

Such a fun software to use and to explore Singapore right from the comfort of your home!

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