Sunday, December 20, 2009

Singapore 2010 Countdown

How time passes! In just 10 days, we will bid 2009 a good farewell and welcome 2010! I guess all of you must be excited now right! 2010, a new year will be coming so soon! Have you done the things you set out to do this year? If not, you should do now before the year ends!

Also, this is the time when many will set down new year resolutions for the new year 2010. What are your new year wishes? Hmm, many of you may have thought of one or two new year wishes but I must encourage all of you to write down on a piece of paper your new year resolutions as experts have shown that when you write your goals now and place these written goals everyday on a place where you will see them, you are halfway to success as you are committed to achieving these goals!

Best of all, share your goals with your family, friends and loved ones. Once you have shared your goals with others, you will feel that motivation and committment to make them happen! In Singapore, when it comes to every end of the year, you will be able to share your new year resolution for yourself and your country with the world!

Yup, you are able to do just that! Since some years ago, Singapore has uniquely launched the wishing spheres project come this period of the year annually. These wishing spheres are for Singaporeans to write their wishes and blessings for the nation, their loved ones or themselves and at the stroke of midnight 1 Jan 2010, these giant wishing spheres will be released into the Singapore river in an illuminating, brillant and stunning fashion, transforming Singapore river instantaneously into a river of wishes!

So have you pen your wishes on these wishing spheres yet? If not, hurry down to Esplanade or Millenia walk and pen your wishes now! My Dear and I have the opportunities to pen down our wishes for the nation when we happended pass Millenia walk shopping mall on our outing.

I believe this novel idea of Singapore is a brilliant one! In Taiwan, the people have Kong Ming lanterns, where they similarly pen down their wishes and hopes on these lanterns before liting them up and seeing them carrying their hopes and wishes up the sky! In Singapore, we do not jave the Kong Ming lanterns but we have the wishing spheres instead which is also quite brilliant. Singapore is surrounded by seas, its time for us to transform our seas into the seas of our hopes!

Stay tuned to this blog as I bring you the latest happenings in Singapore during Christmas and the final countdown to year 2010!

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