Thursday, December 03, 2009

Prostitute caught on Google Streetview Singapore!

In my last post, I have shared with you readers on how useful and innovative the newly launched Google Streetwise Singapore is and the ways to access the software.
In this post, I will like to share with you how far Google does in masking or blurring out images of passer-bys caught in Singapore Streetview, particularly sensitive images.

As such, I set out on this mission to test how well Google does in the aforementioned task. So how do I do it? Well, the very easy thing is to find out what images of passer-bys caught in such a Streetview software would be embarrassing, and it reminds me that earlier on, I have read that Google has captured images of people caught coming out from brothels in other countries. As such, it is hence inevident that my search when comes to such embarrassing finds would centre on Geylang, Singapore's and world-renowned red light district.

Thus, I pointed Streetview to Geylang and saw roads, streets with the many small shops that are emblematic of Geylang. Some old uncles or are they old lechers were seen cycling along the busy roads of Geylang, then I saw this photo:

Hmm, a sexily-cladded girl sitting alone on a warm afternoon on a lonely spot near the brothel areas in Geylang. Waiting for someone, you may say? Or is she bored? Well, it is obvious who she is and what she is doing!
As for catching the old lechers loitering in Geylang on Streetview, some faces whom you may be shocked and surprised to know, I will leave it to you to do, if you are very interested to do so. My intial find is that the images of people especially sensitive people in sensitive locations, not wanting people to know that they are there, may not be really blurred out, just take for example, the woman photo above, whose features I can see quite clearly.
As Google Streetview is not a realtime streetviewing software but based on past videos and photos taken during its Google Car tours, I think if those people caught in Streetview for not a nice reason and shown to all the denizens in Singapore and the world, maybe I can pinpoint it to a quirk of fate or lack of luck for being in a wrong location at the wrong time to be captured on Streetview and their deeds be known to posterity forever.

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