Saturday, December 19, 2009


It is raining cats and dogs outside of my home at this moment of my writing. It is not surprising as it is now monsoon season, that time of the year when rains are a tradition in Singapore which lends the festive mood of Christmas in snow-deprived Singapore.

I am not sleeping as I cannot sleep. Time seems to pass very quicklyespecially at this time of the year. Soon, another new year, 2010 will be ushered in. I want to spend more waking hours and savour the last of year 2009 before it comes to a close and be gone forever.

Time passes very quickly. I find myself seeping into reminiscence once again. With the passage of time, it is inevitable that I find my physical body deteriorating, my memory not as good as before and I become more easily tired. Are there redeeming factors when time passes you on?

With the passage of time, comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. Wisdom is accumulated over time, and indeed I have grown wiser over time. I have learnt from the lessons of life gleaned from my experiences and some hard knocks in life this year and have emerged, though scathed, wiser.

Some hard knocks in life are unavoidable. I have learnt that one cannot be too good and kind in life else some people will take your kindness for their opportunities to be exploited. Man is an animal in essence. Though man no longer live in the jungle, the complex rules of the jungles still apply and there are still preys and predators in modern context.

Imagine a tamed and docile animal being released into the wild wild world, what will happen to it? If the animal is lucky enough, it will not be eaten, at most it will be injured and learn survival skills with every scar earned on its body.

Children should not be too overprotected by their parents. Parents should never keep their children closeted in the comforts of their own homes, totally oblivious to the wild wild corporate and outside world where human relationships are not as simple as ABC to comprehend and not all people are kind. Parents should prepare their children to navigate the complexities of the outside world by letting them go off early from their wings to take on the world at an early stage.

In his teenager years, Buddha was a young prince who was given a opulent lifestyle filled with riches and goodness. Buddha was also fed with the same utopia picture of the outside world. Has Buddha not escaped from his house and venture out, he would have never seen the suffering and the uncomfortable lives that his subjects led.

One should hence explore the world at an early stage, be streetwise and learn the skills of surviving the complex human relationships in life.

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